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Gimnazjum nr 2 
im. Mikołaja Kopernika 
ul. Adama Mickiewicza 1
59-800 Lubań 
tel./fax (0 75) 722 28 85
tel.  (0 75) 722 30 39
tel. (0 75) 646 55 90
e-mail gim2lub@pro.onet.pl


The History of our school before the war:
Our school was built in years 1911-1912. The name of our Junior High School was “The Pesstalozi School”. It was Evangelic school (primary school). In the city there was “The school of Luter” too. This place was built In years 1715-1716, it was a project of Marcin Franz. Then, after the war, there was a “High school” in this place. It was a neighbour of “The Primary School No. 1”. The number of students was increasing with every next school year. The high school carried on the Łokietka 2 street.



The high school’s head teacher in years 1945-1947.




The last/first [*] high school’s head teacher.
[*] first at Łokietka street.




Dear parents!

Here you can find information, which might be important for you .

Insure your child!

All students at our school must be insured. The cost of insurance in the school year 2012/2013 is 34.00 zł per person. The insurance fee is collected by class teachers until the end of September 2012. Students who do not insure must bring a statement signed by their parents to opt out of insurance.


If you want to meet up with one of the teachers, click here.(link do strony z informacją o konsultacjach) See when and where the teacher might be to help you.

Problems with children?

If you notice that your child has any problems, remember that at our school you will find professional help.
To our helpful staff belong:
- school teachers,
- psychologist,
- class teachers,
- school head teacher

You're not alone! You can count on us and get the necessary support.

After-school clubs and extracurricular activities

The students of our school have a very wide range of extracurricular activities.

After-school clubs in the school year 2012/2013

Journalistic club - Jadwiga Gruszka - Friday - 1.55-2.40
Ecological club - Izabela Bieza-Waśniewska -
Thursday - 1.55-2.40
Physical club - Beata Watras - Monday - 2.45-3.30
Geographical-photographic club - Anna Jastrzębska -
Monday - 2.45-3.30
European club - Agata Sieradzka - Monday - 2.45-3.30
Historical club - Agnieszka Franczak - Friday - 1.55-2.40
IT club - Krzysztof Troczyński - Wednesday - 1.20-3.05
Vocal group - Anna Jawor-Król - Wednesday - 1.55-2.40
Volleyball girls - Teresa Okuniewicz-Szłabowicz -
Monday, Wednesday - 2.45-4.15
Volleyball boys - Mariusz Król -
Tuesday - 2.45-4.15
Thursday - 4.00-4.45
Art club - Anna Jawor-Król - Thursday - 1.55-2.40
Drama club - Beata Kazan, Agnieszka Szwabowicz -
Monday - 1.55-2.40
Bicycle tourism club - Piotr Barański - Friday - 2.00-4.00
Swimming club - Marcin Ludward - Thursday - 2.00-3.00
Basketball - Piotr Barański - Tuesday - 4.30-6.00
Spanish club - Robert Kapuśniak - Tuesday - 2.15-3.00


The librarian will be happy to see you!

We invite all our students to the library

See the lists of reading school
See lists of books for different subjects and classes.

The entire collection is more than 11,000 volumes - everyone will find something for everyone.
- encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons, albums - With these books, you can use only in the library or rent on lessons
- school readings
- travel books, adventure novels
- historical novels
- pedagogical and psychological literature
- didactic literature
- popular-science books (history, geography, science, foreign languages)
- video cassettes

The school library provides books for:
students of our school, teachers, other workers of our school
The library is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 2.00pm





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